Announcing DDD eLearn!

We are proud to release our new video-based course on Domain-Driven Design (DDD). This course focuses on the deep concepts of DDD, explained by Eric Evans, author of the original book on DDD, Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software, 2004. It is targeted primarily at architects, senior developers and others with responsibility for shaping the design of a software system.

DDD Immersion

Learn to put the domain model to work. This intensive, 4-day course brings together techniques that give modeling a practical impact on projects and clears preconceptions that get in the way.

The DDD Immersion is our most popular and intensive training class.


Your class was a great experience on many levels…of course what I learned about DDD - fabulous - but also how you taught the class and the interactive nature of it is just wonderful.

Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework.
  • Lecture, discussion, design exercises, programming labs.
  • Tactical and strategic application of domain modeling.
  • Small class size for high interaction.
  • Open to architects, developers, analysts and hands-on leaders of development teams.
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