Virtual DDD Immersion Training    *** SOLD OUT ***

** Please check back, as we will be updating our training schedule.

Learn to put the domain model to work in this intensive four-day class with Eric Evans, held remotely using Zoom and other virtual collaboration tools.  The course brings together techniques that give modeling and design a real impact on projects, while clearing preconceptions that get in the way.

When:  December 10-11 and December 14-15, 2020; live sessions from 12 noon – 4 pm EST

Register by December 4, 2020

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About Domain Language

We are a small consultancy focused on Domain-Driven Design (DDD). Mostly we provide training for teams trying to apply the technique, as well as a limited amount of hands-on involvement with projects.

Domain Language is led by Eric Evans, who wrote the first book on DDD.

Domain-Driven Design Reference Guide now available for direct purchase

Front Cover - Domain-Driven Design Reference BookThis reference guide provides a quick and authoritative summary of the key concepts of Domain-Driven Design. It is not meant as a learning introduction to the subject. Eric Evans’ original book and a handful of others explain DDD in depth from different perspectives.

On the other hand, we often need to scan a topic quickly or get the gist of a particular pattern. That is the purpose of this reference. It is complementary to the more discursive books. Buy it here.


Let’s Train Your Team

An on-site DDD Immersion gives your team:

  • A shared vision and vocabulary of design.
  • New approaches for collaboration with business stakeholders at all levels.
  • Fresh energy and focus.
For rates, availability, and other information, write to us via our Contact page.

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Check out DDD eLearn!

Our video-based course on Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is just over 5 hours of tightly edited video.  This self-guided course focuses on the deep concepts of DDD, explained by Eric Evans, author of the original book on DDD, Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software, 2004.  It is targeted primarily at architects, senior developers and others with responsibility for shaping the design of a software system.  Individual subscriptions or Enterprise Bundles are available.