DDD Resources

Our mission is to promote DDD and support the community in learning to apply it effectively. In addition to offering training, Eric Evans and the other instructors are active speakers and writers, communicating about new insights gleaned from projects.

Here we’ve collected some valuable resources for those learning about DDD and trying to adopt it.

The Big Blue Book

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Introducing Someone Non-technical to DDD?

Print out the Manager’s Guided Tour. This guide lets a non-technical person dip into Evans’ book and skim the essential points in a few hours.


DDD Reference

Book cover, DDD Reference 2014This reference guide provides a quick and authoritative summary of the key concepts of Domain-Driven Design. It is not meant as a learning introduction to the subject. Eric Evans’ original book and a handful of others explain DDD in depth from different perspectives.

On the other hand, we often need to scan a topic quickly or get the gist of a particular pattern. That is the purpose of this reference. It is complementary to the more discursive books.

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Dealing with Legacy Systems

This paper describes four strategies for getting started with DDD when you have a big commitment to legacy systems.