DDD Overview

ONE DAY COURSE for Architects, technical leaders, developers, analysts and development managers.
Build your awareness of the basic concepts and value of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in one day.Eric leading class

  • Understand what DDD is and when and why it is valuable to software intensive organizations.
  • Overview the basic principles and processes needed develop the useful sort of models, tie them into implementation and business analysis, and place them within a viable, realistic strategy.

Recommended Background

  • Some experience with projects developing complex software systems.
  • Familiarity with iterative development processes.

Topics Introduced

Morning: Ubiquitous Language & Model Discovery

  • What is DDD?
  • What makes a model useful to a software project?
  • Cultivation of a model-based language to connect domain experts, developers, and the code itself
  • Exploratory interaction of technical and business people in the modeling process
  • Aggregates: A taste of rigor. This pattern addresses, at the model level, the scaling of systems in complexity, performance, and distribution.

Afternoon: Strategic Design

  • Distilling the Core Domain: Focusing fine modeling and design into those subdomains where the organization distinguishes itself
  • Clarifying a shared vision
  • Context Mapping: A pragmatic approach to dealing with the diversity models and processes on real large projects with multi-team/multi-subsystem development.
  • Combining the Core Domain and Context Map to illuminate Strategic Design options for a project.