Nontechnical Path Through the Book

Conveying the Essentials: How to Skim the DDD Book in 3 Hours

Domain-driven Design is a hefty book, and in places it gets a bit technical. Yet there is an important message in it for all members of the team, including the non-technical ones. No problem! Print out this 3-page cheat-sheet and skim the essential points of the book in a few hours.

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And You’ll Need the Blue Book

Domain-Driven Design, Eric Evans 2004Domain-Driven Design, by Eric Evans, provides a broad framework for making design decisions and a vocabulary for discussing the design of complex business functionality.

Nontechnical One-Day Overview Class

We have a class offering that might suit you. The DDD Overview for Business is a one-day session accessible to anyone seriously involved in software development most certainly including managers. This class introduces the basic definitions and concepts of domain-driven design. The morning focuses on how models are cultivated on a project, with an emphasis on ways of establishing a creative collaboration between business experts and the technical team. The afternoon focuses on Strategic Design, a suite of techniques that help you align your software development with your business strategy and then set a team up to accomplish their goals.

Of course we also have the DDD Immersion for the hands-on members of your software development teams.